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sâmbătă, 8 aprilie 2017

a job that is not a job

Why working as a librarian is the perfect job:


1.                  Because you practically live with the elders, nay, with the ancients. You get to learn from them every day, if you care to. And from the new entries, too.
2.                  Because books are silent. They only want to be placed where they belong after they have travelled.
3.                  Because you hardly need a social life as you already have it, whether you like it or not. So you had better like it!
4.                  Because you stay fit. Placing a lot of books in lots of different places on the shelves takes energy and, sometimes, muscles. Not to mention climbing a three-meter long ladder to reach the upper shelf…
5.                  Because the reader is a person with a mission, and that mission becomes yours, too. Situational awareness is required. Sometimes you get about 5 to 10 persons at a time, so this may become a roller-coaster. In your mind, of course. But when you get down from the mind-blowing machine, you know you have won several battles in a row. They are fighters and you know that “ammo” will not be lost.
6.                  Because you never get bored, unless you like boredom.
7.                  Because you get to know all walks of life and people of all ages, too. And learn from them. Humans need not express their humanity all the time. But when you give them a good book, they cling to it and then they cling to you. Remember the tree of life from the Avatar movie? You connect people to the tree of knowledge. And you are there to see it and feel it.
And there is that feeling that always comes around…
8.                  Because you are always seen as a romantic figure, in spite of your determination to destroy this myth.
9.                  Generations will come and slowly go and you are still there. Like a big stone in the middle of the river. When they hit you, you had better be sure they hit hard, keep them coming. Never hope that they will remember you. But when it happens, there is joy, sheer joy, and that is what keeps you going. You stay young as long as you like by simply doing this job.
10.              Because people greet you, smile at you on the street, as you walk by them. You become a part of their lives. This simple thought might have occurred to them: “this person did something for me”.
11.              You tend to be humble as you learn that the flood of information pouring in is overwhelming.
But you love books and fight to keep them alive.
       12. Because every now and again you get to meet famous people but in the meantime you hope, deep in your heart, that you will help some people around you to be famous. Sometime soon…